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We spend a lot of time searching for renowned institutions in different countries to provide excellent training and education to our students. After learning about the student’s actual field of study, financial situation, and sponsor, we provide them with an appropriate education counseling process as well as help them gain admission to related institutions. Our database contains a significant amount of information about enrolled students across the globe. Clover Education Consultancy takes the load off of your shoulders by offering:

  • Counselling regarding courses & careers
  • Application and enrollment at universities
  • Assistance with scholarship applications
  • Preparation for English language proficiency tests(PTE/IELTS)
  • Health Insurance  (OSHC, OVHC) 
  • Assistance with booking medical appointments for visa applications
  • Briefings prior to departure
  • Assistance in finding accommodations 

 If you are thinking of studying in Australia but not sure where to start, Clover Education Consultancy would be the best option.